Another Free Journal

I’m going to go back and add this journal to the previous post about free online journals, but I thought this one merited its own update: The International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching is another free online peer-reviewed journal. I think this journal is especially interesting, because it’s open to articles about the teaching of all foreign languages, not just English. In addition, Stephen Krashen is on the editorial board. Issues are available only in PDF format, and you need to give them your e-mail address to get access.

P. S. Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is a good year for everyone.






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  1. emmie Avatar

    Hi, wintersweet! Thanks for recommending this journal. I read some of the articles about free voluntary reading and those stories are very suggestive to launch extensive reading into class. Hope to talk to you sometime again. BTW, I made my account in Lang-8, it’s gabaine. search me if you have time!

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