Hi, I’m Clarissa ( –type this address yourself to e-mail me, or use the contact form). This blog is about language, language-learning, language-teaching, and especially about being a better teacher–not just through lesson planning and new techniques, but through cognitive science research, Web 2.0 applications, time management, and anything else that pops into my head. I’ll also post funny things, notes about my ongoing language-learning experiences, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I may also talk about my entrepreneurship efforts (as a private language consultant). I hope it’ll be an interactive blog, so please post comments and give me suggestions for future posts.

I received my MA in English (TESOL option) from California State University, East Bay, in 2007, under the direction of Dr. Sarah Nielsen. Previously, I received a TESOL certification at CSUEB. I have a bachelor’s degree in history, minor in Asian studies, from the University of Arkansas. I also studied for a master’s in East Asian studies at Stanford, but have not yet completed my thesis.

My interests include applied linguistics and pedagogy (obviously!), sociolinguistics, feminism, social justice, technology, popular culture, extensive reading, autonomous learning, recreational learning (e.g., videogames), World Englishes, and much more.

I also have a blog aimed at intermediate and advanced English learners, particularly those who are interested in self-study and lifelong learning. Please share ReadableBlog with your students, family, or friends who might be interested.

I do not accept guest posts or link exchanges with “online degree” sites, “online TESOL certificate” sites, English-teaching schools or services with which I am personally unfamiliar, etc. (Genuine offers of guest post exchanges with people I know, requests for unbiased reviews, etc., will always be considered.)

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This blog is running WordPress and is currently using the Atahualpa theme. All of the images in the header are my own photos, mostly taken in California and Japan. (You can see many of the original images at my flickr page.)