CATESOL Handouts; Conference Survey

My handouts from CATESOL 2010 and one prior conference are now available under the Resources tab at the top of each page. If you spot any problems or broken links, please let me know!

Don’t forget to fill out the conference evaluation form if you went. As far as I know, there were no paper evaluation forms, or if there were, they weren’t widely available. I’ll be writing more about my thoughts on the conference later. The major upside was that every concurrent session I went to was extremely valuable except one, and that was a session I wasn’t too sure about–and it was probably very valuable if you were the target audience. No fault of the presenter’s. I think that’s the best track record out of any conference I’ve been to, including TESOL. (Usually, it’s a mixed bag.) There were definitely some downsides, though.

By the way, I’m working on an informal study about conferences (questions about costs, travel, speakers, inclusion of “NNESTs,” integration of technology, and so on. If you have any suggestions about what I should ask, let me know! I hope you’ll fill it out (it’ll be a Google form) once it’s done.






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  1. Pat Miles Avatar
    Pat Miles

    Great blog! Thank you!
    Considering how much we pay to attend conferences, wouldn’t it be nice if all sessions were videotaped? At least we’d be able to see/hear all the concurrent sessions we wished to but couldn’t attend because they happen at the same time. For me, that’s the most frustrating part of a conference: deciding which one of two or more sessions to attend. :-p

    1. Clarissa Avatar

      Thanks, Pat! I know the leadership was trying to figure out how to put some of the sessions online this year, but they weren’t able to put it together in time (and I was of no help).

      As an example of a conference that is really on the ball, IATEFL has a lot of videos from the conference online, and they don’t even require you to be a member to watch them!:

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