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Oh Dear…

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It looks like the post-hacking cleanup is ongoing. The site has been reset to its defaults as I’ve installed a fresh version of the theme I was using, so bear with me if things look odd or difficult to use.

If you are an edu-blogger or any other kind of blogger, be sure to keep your blogging platform up to date AND your themes up to date, and don’t keep old themes or other things lying around. They can be very bad news.


I was at an ACE FELI all last week. It was pretty amazing. If you get a chance to go to one, or if you can request one for your community college, absolutely go! I’ll write more later if I have a chance.

Read more about the Academy for College Excellence Faculty Experiential Learning Institute at their website. They also have some videos.

P. S. It appears that my site has been compromised. I apologize for not keeping a tighter rein on things. If you have gotten any email that appears to originate from this domain and wasn’t just an update with this post, it didn’t come from me. I’m doing my best to fix things!